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    For all those who came to this site having no idea what it's about, and then became more confused because of all the news and information for which you have little understanding, this information page is for you. The Runners Page is a website dedicated to the Cross Country (and Track) Team/s of Minneapolis Southwest High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA). It is one of three websites in our united "Running Triangle of SW HS." Our coach Ben Zhao has a contact page and our top runner Neil Grosscup has established a team page on

    The cross country team of Southwest High School focuses on more than just running. Our first step for all athletes is to have them be good people. We believe in a well balanced life style that's healthy and fun. We go on trips and have more fun and social occasions than any other sports team at our school. We believe that one of the keys to being a good runner is to have lifetime fitness. We are also gifted with a great head coach, Ben Zhao, a nationally competitive athlete in his age group.

    On behalf of the Cross Country Team of Southwest High School, welcome to the Runners Page*.

The Cross Country Team of 2000

Left: Men's Team 2K. Right: Women's Team 2K.

Various Team Members

Special Occasions: Carwash 2K and Homecoming Parade 2000

Various Groups of People on the CC team of 2000.

Photos by Kai Richards

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*The Runners' Page articles express only the opinions of the authors and nothing more. All meet results are unofficial.